A customized solution for business accounts.

AcPlus is being used by more than 80+ traders like Retailers, Wholesalers in variety of business Like Cloth merchants, Consumable Products, Paints, Hotels, Industrial manufacturers etc.

A customized solution for Payroll Managment System.

Payroll system meets today’s all industrial rules and regulations like ESIC, PF,PT, Income Tax etc. An application cans synchronies with any biometric system. Effortless monthly reporting available in monthly attendance statement, Statements (ESIC, PF,PT, Income Tax) available on single click, pay sleep and Bank letter too.

Petrol Pump Management and Accounts

The Software is well designed for accuracy in stock and accounts with user friendly features. Application keeps up-to-date stock of Petrol, Diesel and all other petroleum products and daily Cash collection with multiple miters of Petrol and Diesel with detailed opening and closing cash balance report.

Customized solution for Doctors

A helping assistant to the Doctor! Application is being used and appreciated by reputed gynecologist, General physician and some Aayurvidik practitioners. Application is very easy to use and important feature of this application is the doctor can customize it for himself as per his daily practice.

Dairy Management and Accounts

DairyKeeper is being used by more than 30 Large and medium scale dairies. Some of the best features in this application are Easy entry system, Instant reporting, Stock Statements, Receipts, Payment, Ledger Accounts, Outstanding Statements and Automated SMS system that sends detailed SMS of daily milk collection to milk producers Like FAT/SNF/Total Liters etc.

Hotel POS system

Some of the best features of an application include Multiple Section, Tables view on single dashboard, synchronization with Micro designs wireless device ( Menu pad ). In a Hotels rush period application works like a sprinter,

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